Some of the Healthiest Nuts for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not always pleasant. It involves changing your diet and self-discipline regarding exercise. But it doesn’t mean that you need to deprive yourself of all of your favorite foods or only eat healthy foods that are bland and boring. Most people enjoy nuts but what some don’t realize is that they are eating something that promotes weight loss. Here are some healthy nuts to eat for weight loss.
Pistachios contain 156 calories, and this is less than the processed snacks you find in most stores. Pistachios also contain 12 grams of fat, six grams of protein and eight grams of carbs. If you’re deficient in fiber, pistachios are high in this nutrient. You can chop some pistachios and put them in a salad or eat them with fruit and cottage cheese. Another idea would be to make pistachio ice cream using reduced fat milk and natural sweeteners such as honey or stevia.
If you love walnuts, keep eating them because you’re contributing to your body’s health. Walnuts contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and they are only 182 calories. Walnuts have also been shown to decrease bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. This is great news for those wanting to lose weight and keep the heart healthy too.
Hazelnuts are often used in nut butters and sweet spreads, but eating them raw benefits your waistline. Hazelnuts have been shown to improve the function of blood vessels and it curbs the likelihood of heart disease later in life. Hazelnuts also boost the production of vitamin E and they suppress the appetite for long periods of time.
In conclusion, these nuts are not only flavorful but they assist in losing weight. As with any healthy snack, it’s important to practice portion control for increased weight loss. Also combine regular exercise with your consumption of the nuts and other healthy foods.